Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many square meters do the lots on sale now have?

The lots for sale have between 900 and 1400 m² in most cases

  1. What are the payment options?

There is currently a discount for cash payment and financing in 36 monthly installments with a 20% down payment.

  1. Do the lots have titles/deeds?

All lots for sale are eligible for immediate closing with title, except for new phases.

  1. Are any families living in Dos Valles?

Yes, there are more tan 100 finished lived-in homes and about 150 homes in some phase of construction.

  1. How much are the association dues?

Approximately AR$26,000 (US$70) monthly (as of March 2023).

  1. How big do the homes have to be?

The minimum building size is 130 m² for single-story homes and 150 m² for two-story homes, with case-by-case exceptions to be considered allowing the home to be built in two phases. For more information request the building code.

  1. How many lots are foreseen in the masterplan and what percentage has been sold?

The masterplan shows 820 lots for single-family homes in Dos Valles and are being developed in phases. To date, approximately 50% of the lots have been sold.

  1. What infrastructure has been completed so far?

- Perimeter security with main access gate and supply access gate, monitered with cameras.

- Quincho with two barbeque areas

- 3 small soccer fields

- 2 regulation soccer/rugby fields

- Kids' play area

- Adult Club House with in-out swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym, dressing rooms and restaurant

- 30km of trails for hiking and mountain biking.

- Multi-purpose/basketball, volleyball and small soccer court

- 2 tennis courts with flexi-court surface

  1. What infrastructure is pending construction?

- Youth Club House with game room

- Recreational area on the coast of the Ñirihau River with picnic and sporting infrastructure

  1. Does Dos Valles sell directly?

No, Dos Valles sells through the real estate agents whose information can be found on the Contact Page.